The Mic That You Have Been Searching For

The Ultimate Mic Locker provides access to a huge selection of high quality microphones that will bring you the best possible sound, no matter what your project is. We know microphones, and we know what you use them for. From vocal and instrument recording, broadcast presentations, to different performance environments, we provide access to an industry wide variety of options for every use.

The Ultimate Mic Locker will find your perfect fit. With detailed descriptions, specifications and examples of use, you can be certain of your mic selection. We’re here to help you sound good!


Tools And More Tools

The smallest difference in a microphone can change the way a project turns out. The Ultimate Mic Locker gives more than a brief description. You are provided with a full spectrum profile of each microphone. It's all here: Microphone Image, Polar Chart, Frequency Chart, Street Pricing, Manufacturer's Description, Technical Specifications, and Direct Manufacturer's Web Link. Making the right selection is easy with The Ultimate Mic Locker.